Intelligence Preparation of the Global Marketspace: Stop Rushing to the Sale and Letting Big Data-powered Residual-Income Opportunities Walk Right By!

BLUF—Big data puts Intelligence Preparation of Globalization (IPG) within reach of the small business entrepreneur to yield residual income by providing the focus of data science to see the obvious and the competence to prepare for what’s next in­—’The Beautiful Game.

I’m currently setting up the Knowledge Management (KM) structure for the nonprofit startup—C3-Suite Marketing Konstellation. This is an essential step to ensure robust business competitive intelligence for business continuity and continued growth.

Why? Here’s my take on the Internet of Things (IoT): with the Internet evolving from a secondary to primary intelligence tool, entrepreneurs must focus on establishing a shared, big-data-powered open-source intelligence (OSINT)-fusion chamber of commerce construct to provide competent ‘foursight’ in ‘leveling the playing field.’

Who? My background is: Air Force Asset Protection Specialist ‘On the Alert’ (11 yrs); Command Post ‘Eyes and Ears’ of Base and Installation Commanders (10 yrs), C4ISR Contracting helping ‘Make Sense of things’ (8 yrs), and for the past few years I’ve been fascinated with what’s ‘up in the air’ with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Climate Change and Health.

How? With the ‘foursight’ of: 1) Knowledge Management, 2) Big Data-powered OSINT, 3) Cloud Computing and 4) Social Media.

Where? The “One-bounce” City of MetroDenver reaches 6 of 7 continents in one business day.

When? With IoT increasing 30% by 2020, SMB-entrepreneurs will be hard-pressed to outsource security and other external capabilities without marketing intelligence’s forward-looking, risk-management appraisal—the anticipated unique value proposition (UVP) of C3-Suite Marketing Konstellation.



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